Prenatal Care

Pregnancy Should Not Equal Pain

Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, some expected and probably some unexpected! Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent common prenatal discomforts, as well as keep your body function as optimal as possible.

The increase in hormones, changes in centre of gravity, and lax ligaments are just a couple of reasons why you can have increased discomfort during pregnancy. It’s not just added weight of your baby, but the changes in a women’s biomechanics during pregnancy also puts more pressure on the body, especially if there was already pre-existing imbalances in the body.

A typical prenatal treatment with Andy includes soft-tissue and gentle adjustments to the optimize your pregnancy and birth experience. A focus of treatment is to align and relax the pelvis allowing an optimal amount of pelvic space for your baby to be a favourable position. Although the pelvis is important, Andy will examine and treat you head to toe to be sure that your body is functioning and healing to the best of your ability! If necessary, Andy has lots of training and experience in using kinesio taping for pregnancy support and pain relief.

Women under chiropractic care experience easier labour, and shorter labour times (by 25% first time moms- by 40% second birth). Using the Webster technique for pelvic balancing has an 82% success rate of assisting in optimal baby positioning in late stage pregnancy. Please see Andy’s Birth Prep for more information on the Webster Technique and how to have a better birthing experience.

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