Postnatal Care

Wow, You Are Doing A Great Job!

It doesn’t matter how you birthed your baby or when, any women that has birthed before is considered postnatal to Andy. Chiropractic care after birth is incredibly beneficial for all mamas, ideally shortly after birth, but even 20 years postpartum is beneficial too!

Pregnancy changes your body biomechanically in many different ways, not to mention the drastic changes that comes with birth. Recovering from birth isn’t always easy, especially now with a little one to take care of. Your pregnancy complaints often resolve, but now comes a whole new batch of mom problems! Perhaps a sore back and arms from lifting and feeding baby? Or maybe the dreaded sore nipples and mastitis? Sometimes these dysfunctions don’t appear for years postpartum, like peezing (peeing when you sneeze)! Regardless, your core is in a vulnerable state during pregnancy and especially postnatal. It is easy to develop dysfunctions during this time, but not to worry Andy has your back (and your core)!

A typical postnatal treatment with Andy includes soft-tissue and gentle adjustments to rebalance the body post birth, promote self healing, and reduce stress. A focus of treatment is to align the pelvis, pelvic floor, and abdominals checking for any dysfunction that might have occurred during pregnancy and birth. Treatment post belly birth (caesarean) has some variations in order to promote incision healing. She always recommends using her postnatal rehabilitation exercises for an easier postnatal recovery, and reduced risk of future dysfunction. Andy is Grow Co trained and her rehabilitation is safe for women of any fitness level, and can begin as soon as 6-8 weeks postnatal. The exercises are designed to improve or limit the amount of biomechanical dysfunction of the core, and to aid in your postpartum recovery. Andy has focused her rehabilitation exercises on activities of daily living movements, and restoring your core stability and strength. She also gives you to tools for long term wellness and to keep chasing your little ones!

Are you a peezer? Do you leak a little when you sneeze, cough, or jump? No amount of leakage or pain is normal, and Andy is here to help! She has extended training in external pelvic floor therapy for issues involving pelvic weakness or tightness such as incontinence, painful sex, prolapse, pressure or pain in the pelvis, and frequent urination. This therapy can be used for men and women of any age, not just pregnant women. Andy also has extended training in treating diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). All postpartum women are assessed for diastasis with Andy and treated if needed.

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