Pediatric Care

Look at What You Made!

Mamas always put their babies and loved ones before themselves, and Andy is no different. She knows that in order to heal mamas, you need to be able to heal their babies too. Sometimes your child’s health also impacts yours. Lack of sleep, added stress, maybe you’re a new mom with sore breasts with latching issues? Latching and feeding problems are some of the most common complaints that Andy gets. Often latching issues come from physical irregularities of your baby’s mouth or neck, which is something that Andy can examine for and sometimes treat!

Giving birth is hard work, but so is being born! It can be rough on that little one getting through the pelvis, especially if any interventions were used like forceps, vacuum, or neck traction. Even a belly birth (caesarean) can put a lot of traction on your baby’s neck. Having your baby checked out after birth is a great way to give them a good start! For your older babies, Andy recommends check ups at large milestones to check for normal development and any other complaints.

Common pediatric issues that Dr. Andy supports:
– Torticolis/Head Preferences
– Plagiocephaly
– Tongue and Lip Tie habilitation
– Tension from Colic/Reflux/Gas
– Birth Trauma
– Developmental Delays
– Musculoskeletal Pain
– Latching and Feeding Support

Treating babies and children looks a lot different than treating adults. When adjusting babies, only a fingertip of pressure is used in a slow and gradual fashion, lots of stretches, and homework! The treatment is so gentle and safe that most babies sleep through it and can lay on their parent’s stomach during treatment. Working with children is always a pleasure for Andy. Children can have almost instantaneous results since they don’t have the years of chronic dysfunction like adults.

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