My name is Andy Anderson, and my purpose on this earth is to: 1. be a mother, and 2. be a healer. As it turns out, I found my passion in life by combining those two purposes.

As I mentioned, I always knew I would be a healer. In fact, I would say that one of my core skills is fixing things. Anything from my dishwasher to people, I love problem solving. And that’s how I knew chiropractic medicine was right for me! Throughout my teenage years I had awesome results with chiropractic care for my back pain. The hands on, drug free, and whole person approach of chiropractic care really resonated with my philosophy of health and healing. Upon entering chiropractic college, it only took the first week and I knew that I was exactly where I am meant to be.

Born and raised in London Ontario, I completed my undergraduate in Biology and Latin at Western University. I then moved to Toronto, where I completed my doctorate of chiropractic medicine at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. My time and practice is heavily focused on all aspects of motherhood and pediatric healthcare. I have partaken in countless courses and mentorships to expand my knowledge and experience, along with becoming my colleges go-to for all things lip and tongue tie!

I would say that my passion for women’s health and birth work was sparked years ago when I present for the amazing birth of my niece. After that experience, I couldn’t get enough of birth work and completed my training as a DONA Birth Doula. That was several years ago now and I have been supporting women and families throughout their pregnancy and birth ever since! It has been such a pleasure to finally be able to combine my chiropractic care with my doula experience.

It didn’t take long into my birthing education to find the huge gap in motherhood healthcare. The expectation of miserable pregnancies, lack of education around birth options, and the almost non existent postpartum support. THIS WAS NOT OKAY WITH ME! Hence why I started Mum & Cub Wellness.

My goal is to help mamas navigate motherhood and get babies thriving. By building on what I’ve learned and experienced, I have developed protocols for optimizing pregnancy, postpartum recovery and even birthing. My therapy includes a whole body and personal approach. I have extensive training in external pelvic floor therapy and also focus heavily on the abdominals. Most of my motherhood treatment plans will also include birthing prehabilitation and/or postpartum rehabilitation protocols that I developed. I believe that motherhood starts preconception, and any women that has had a child is considered postpartum and can benefit from care. Furthermore, I am Webster Certified. This is a chiropractic technique that helps to balance the pelvis to allow for optimal baby positioning, birthing, and to reduce pelvic pain during pregnancy. I am also trained in Grow Co, visceral manipulation, cranio-sacral therapy, Thompson technique, diversified, and Activator!

Hearing how well, empowered, and cared for mothers feel after working with me is what keeps me going. Mothers are the ultimate caretakers, and I’m here to take care of you!

Andy with her husband Ryan, son Salem, and fur babies Lu and Alice