Birth Preparation

No Promises, But….

Women under chiropractic care may experience easier labour, and shorter labour times (by 25% first time moms- by 40% second birth) no matter where you’re birthing or how many children you’ve had.

Using the Webster technique for pelvic balancing has an 82% success rate of assisting in optimal baby positioning in late stage pregnancy. It does not matter which malposition your baby is in – breech, occiput anterior, transverse – the Webster technique is still appropriate, safe, and effective to balance the pelvis and reduce stress in the uterus and supporting ligaments. To be noted that the Webster technique or any other chiropractic care does not treat or turn babies, it only balances the mother’s pelvis to create more space and less tension. Also, chiropractic care will not affect a baby that is already in a favourable position, but will continue to help resolve pelvic issues that could affect labour and birthing.

She can’t make any promises, but will balance your pelvis and nervous system, while releasing any tension in your back and uterus ligaments to make your birth experience as best possible!

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